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Our firm practices in a variety of areas including litigation, real estate matters, and contractual matters. Below is a listing of many of the areas we practice in and a brief description of that area. If you have a legal concern not listed below, please contact us. If we cannot help you, we will try to direct you to an attorney who can.


Residential Real Estate Closings: We represent clients in the purchase and sale of real estate, along with refinances, equity lines, or other mortgage transactions.

Commercial Real Estate Closings: Our firm assists clients with the purchase and sale of commercial real estate, including assistance with due diligence and other matters that are specific to commercial undertakings.

Developer Representation: We represent developers of real estate at all stages of development. We assist with the preparation and negotiation of the contract, completing the matters required by the contract, and closing the transaction. Our office will further assist with preparation of the homeowner's association documents and formation, contracts of sale to purchasers, limited warranties, and other matters necessary to properly prepare the homeowner's association while protecting our client. We represent developers of both condominiums and subdivisions. We handle projects as large as developments with over 100 lots and as small as two unit condominiums.

Real Estate Contracts/Documents: Our firm assists clients with preparation or review of contracts to purchase or sale real estate, land sales contracts, leases, leases with options to purchase, or other real estate contracts. We also can prepare notes and mortgages and other documents relating to real estate.

Homeowners Associations: Our office represents homeowner's associations in general matters, including interpretation of association documents and the requirements of the association. We also help with disputes between the association and property owners, including the filing of association liens. We can assist with amendment to restrictions or master deeds.

Real Estate Litigation: We can assist with disputes over land rights and ownership, as well as contract disputes.

Mechanic's Liens and Foreclosures: Our office will file Mechanic's Liens and foreclose on such liens or mortgages.


Corporation & Business Law: We will assist you with determining the best entity for your business, the creation of that entity and maintaining the entity and its operation. In addition, we can help you with contracts for your business, partnership agreements, and other documents necessary for the efficient running of your business.

Wills, Simple Estate Planning, & Estate Administration: We will consult with you regarding your personal situation and, based on your direction after advice, will prepare Wills, Powers of Attorney, Health Care Powers of Attorney, and Living Wills. We also handle the administrative process of probating the estate.

Contract Law: We will assist with preparation of General Business contracts and their interpretation.

General Litigation: Our firm handles lawsuits relating to contracts, business interests, and other matters.

Automobile, Truck & Motorcycle Accidents: Our firm will investigate and evaluate injuries and deaths resulting from auto accidents and will assist you in recovering your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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